We live in a world filled with problems. We know by experience that one or another time we all face problems, some daily problems, or even childhood trauma.

The minute a person becomes solution-oriented instead of focussing on the problems, they will be solved quicker and easier. Instead of running to and fro, finding yourself in a rut, you can now remove the baggage and feel free to live a proper life full of expectations.

Many people walk around daily with fears and anxiety, feelings of helplessness which is many times so unnecessary. If only they took their eyes off the problems and rather focussed on the healing process, the problems could have been long gone.


  • When something has been troubling you for a long time finding no solution
  • Depression, anxiety, stress or eating disorder
  • Relationship breakdown or problems, jealousy, infidelity, disagreements
  • Low self-esteem or anger
  • Parenting, grief and loss
  • Overwhelming emotions/hurt/loneliness

How does counselling work?

    • You might need a healing process
    • You might need to find out exactly what’s bothering you
    • You might need to break loose from old patterns or habits
    • You might need an understanding of things happening in your life
    • It can help to prevent you from doing the wrong thing

    The counsellor is there to support you and acts in your best interest

    The counsellor will direct you in a positive direction and understanding

    The counsellor can equip you going forward

How is Counselling different from psychology?

    • counsellors adopt a person-centred approach and can use psychotherapy /prayer as a tool for inner healing.

      Psychologists can use treatments and tools like psychological testing to inform strategies for therapy.

      Do I have to come and see you personally?

      The client can attend a meeting with the counsellor in the comfort of their own home without having to rush to their appointment. It is a time-saver. The difference is that sessions are held online rather than in person.

      Zoom has become a major tool that enables video counselling which allows the counsellor to address the clients’ issues via video. It proves to be the most convenient and comfortable counselling option while it provides a secure video chatroom on the zoom platform.

      One hourly session will be made available after bookings and after proof of payments are received.

How to deal with trauma immediately after it happens

    • Talk about what happened
    • Give yourself time to process
    • Monitor your own behaviour and emotions
    • Seek professional help


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